Wild and Wicked

Session 6: Erie in Pennsylvannia

Damien lets the Spring Court Sheriff know about the dealings with the Moon and Sun game possibly still going on and the Sheriff thinks it is serious since it might affect more than just Damien’s Motley Crew… Damien was surprised Motley Crew was still together and asked if they were still touring. The Sheriff debates if he really should have taken him on as a Deputy. They find a rapid dog they put down and Damien was a bit disappointed it wasn’t a two headed dog like the report had explained.

The group went to check out Lee’s friend who was going to be in Erie, Pennsylvania. Tom opted out since he was too busy with his own work and research for the tokens he needed to fix. The crew piled into Lee’s SUV since it was ‘cleaner’ and drove up to find a yellow truckstop. Damien pointed out as soon as he found out he wasn’t driving that he called ‘shotgun’. The crew found out the truckstop wasn’t actually yellow at least not the one they wanted to find. Damien said some rather unPC things and the group found out Yellow Trucking company trucks are actually more of a an orange in color. Going to a hotel across from the truck stop didn’t turn out fruitful besides Damien getting some tips from local cops about how to canvas an area when looking for a person. He took notes.

The group split up much to Damien’s disappointment when he just bought a CB to put in Lee’s SUV. The Professor and him patrol a bit more before going back to the room at the hotel for the night. Lee and Little Orchid end up driving around and hitting someone’s dog that eventually leads to Little Orchid getting another Changling Killed, Lee getting her car shot at for stealing a State Championchip ring, and Lee finding her friend Nick. Realization Nick was on the other side of the game and it still is going on comes to light for everyone since Dee the man who ended up being killed instead of Little Orchid was one of Nick’s friends and Lazuris the changling Damien decapitated was also one of his crew. The gangs both realize if something isn’t done they’ll end up killing each other off. In the meantime Damien comments on the large furry blue ogre looking like Beast off of those Xmen movies and he thinks that’s pretty cool.

3XP Awarded.


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