They do go bump in the night!

Those things you heard in the night when you were a kid, the old wife tales of the creepy and crawly those old people tell you, that Jenson’s boy who supposedly fell down a well and they never found the body? Remember how your were told when you were really scared that there weren’t monsters to calm you down? Sometimes a well placed lie is like a bit of sugar with medicine, bittersweet. You try and justify all the weird things in life you come accross, a trick of the mind when you were tired, a bad salad that made you hallucinate, fairy tales or fairy terrors aren’t really because you don’t want them to be. All those life lessons the cute versions told you that you eventually tossed to the wayside (probably from the sugar coating)? You should have remembered, you should have listened. The reason the originals were so dark and scary? It’s because it make you pay attention, remember why you don’t go into the woods being the park at night when it’s been raining? Don’t walk under Forman’s bridge after dark? What? You think it’s all a silly tale? You’re not scared? You should be, the world is a twisted bitter sweet dessert laced with poison… and that’s without the fairy tale monsters?

What happens when you find yourself stumbling out of the woods one fateful night, confused, tired, and afraid. That visage in the water next to you? That monster? That’s you. You know it now, you have to own it, except it and move on. But can you? Something was riped out of you back there you have a feeling you’re not right anymore and you also have to figure out what now? You are that bump in the night. A fresh look at life in the New World of Darkness based out of Morgantown, West Virginia.

Wild and Wicked

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