Wild and Wicked

Session 6: Erie in Pennsylvannia

Damien lets the Spring Court Sheriff know about the dealings with the Moon and Sun game possibly still going on and the Sheriff thinks it is serious since it might affect more than just Damien’s Motley Crew… Damien was surprised Motley Crew was still together and asked if they were still touring. The Sheriff debates if he really should have taken him on as a Deputy. They find a rapid dog they put down and Damien was a bit disappointed it wasn’t a two headed dog like the report had explained.

The group went to check out Lee’s friend who was going to be in Erie, Pennsylvania. Tom opted out since he was too busy with his own work and research for the tokens he needed to fix. The crew piled into Lee’s SUV since it was ‘cleaner’ and drove up to find a yellow truckstop. Damien pointed out as soon as he found out he wasn’t driving that he called ‘shotgun’. The crew found out the truckstop wasn’t actually yellow at least not the one they wanted to find. Damien said some rather unPC things and the group found out Yellow Trucking company trucks are actually more of a an orange in color. Going to a hotel across from the truck stop didn’t turn out fruitful besides Damien getting some tips from local cops about how to canvas an area when looking for a person. He took notes.

The group split up much to Damien’s disappointment when he just bought a CB to put in Lee’s SUV. The Professor and him patrol a bit more before going back to the room at the hotel for the night. Lee and Little Orchid end up driving around and hitting someone’s dog that eventually leads to Little Orchid getting another Changling Killed, Lee getting her car shot at for stealing a State Championchip ring, and Lee finding her friend Nick. Realization Nick was on the other side of the game and it still is going on comes to light for everyone since Dee the man who ended up being killed instead of Little Orchid was one of Nick’s friends and Lazuris the changling Damien decapitated was also one of his crew. The gangs both realize if something isn’t done they’ll end up killing each other off. In the meantime Damien comments on the large furry blue ogre looking like Beast off of those Xmen movies and he thinks that’s pretty cool.

3XP Awarded.

Session 5: Trip to the Hedge

The Professor gets a morning hello from a Talking Cat messangers and the group assembles for another romp through the hedge to deliver the repaired token Tom Kamen fixed. The Professor, Lee, and the Cat pass out in an odd Blue bell flower field from it’s affects while Wild Orchid tells stories. The group eventually gets to leave and wake up the sleeping members, only for The Professor to get into deeper waters when he attacks the attention of a Briarwolf trying to eat him. A hobgoblin tries to calm him down as Damien gets into a slugfest with the beast. Eventually the briarwolf and owner take off when the beast is finally calmed by Wild Orchid only for the owner to jerk his chain and Damian lungs after the owner causing the fight to start up again.

With the item delivered wares are displayed or discussed for a possible trade a book for The Professor for a lap dance from Lee for an unknown fey. A finger that will lead Wild Orchid to her daughter, a satchel of holding with a steamer trunk from the inquiries from Damien, and Tom gets two tokens to repair which if both are repaired he gets to keep one.

4xp Awarded

Session 4: Out of the Closet and Into the Box

Main Story
At the weekly meeting of the Motley Crew of PCs the party finds themselves looking into a storage area and the newly discovered door to the Hedge the group finds out is there. After desperate pleases to be let through are requested Damien opens the door to see someone sprint past him and out into the movie theater. Lee chases after her, the Professor tried to nab her, Tom tried to close the door but was not fast enough. With Lee and the sprinter gone and the door closed the rest of the party meets, The Assistant. A fae minion Tom realizes works for his old master’s associate. With the token of an odd set of glasses, Milky Eye Spectacles, she offers more untold riches for the return of the ‘subject’ By the end of the session the Professor and Tom are looking to receive the steps to cast a ritual to seal off the entrance to the Hedge, three days before The Assistant will return to find out if the Professor will give up the ‘Subject’, aka Kreava.

Lee’s Story
Gets the box fixed after a small trip to Uniontown, a bit of larceny, and several hours of work from Tom

Professor’s Story
Get’s propositioned to show Surreal movies from in the Hedge by another Changling
Assist’s in the Coachman’s Glove caper
Finds out he has a portal to the hedge inside the theater he now owns
Debates selling a changeling before they join the freehold to her jailor for untold riches
Someone from his court comes to discuss the possible abduction point that has opened up now that fae could use to steal children from inside the Professor’s business

Tom’s Story
After several long hours he figures out the design for the skinner box and makes plans to rebuild it
Assist’s in the Coachman’s Glove caper

Little Orchid’s Story
Finds out the squirrel that use to visit her had tried to follow her into the hedge now is partially changed by it
Is lead to the grave of her daughter and finds out her death might have been faked
Finds herself faced with the ordeal of a challenge to duel coming soon.

Damien’s Story
Finds himself deputized with the possible promise of being able to keep any talking cars he finds when helping the Sheriff of the Spring Court
Mentions to the Winter and Spring Court Sheriffs about the book they found of trans america logs of possibly trafficking Changelings for people in the hedge through the mortal world
Meets Kreava and tries to get her settled into the Freehold as a Changeling new to the area
Assists as the Getaway driver for the Coachman’s Glove caper
Scouts out what’s on the other side of the Skinner Box
Ends up getting sun burned from the area of his hand that went through the box.

4 XP awarded.

Session 3: Early Morning Calls Midday Mayhem

A call from Lee puts the crew on a wild goose chase of sorts to find her friend. By the end of the day the party is relaxing at the bash thrown by the Sprint Court’s Queen as it is announced with the coming of Spring a new court is in session. Damien finds himself helping the court’s sheriff to clean up the remains of a changling he decappitated not really sure why he had to kill the guy in the first place. But he got to keep all the weapons and he wasn’t in trouble so he’s fine with it.

Session 2: Backroads and Log Cabins

Back from the Winter King’s Court with The Professor making a note to look into getting a permit for Fetch Hunting the group opts to figure out what the map drawn might be since it might be the location of the two missing Changelings. Some of the group decide to take a bus to check it out. Damien suggests they ask Rex if they could borrow a car. When the group looks at him oddly he reminds them it’s the guy Hunch mentioned to talk to if they were looking for work. The group decide to take the bus down to Keegler’s to see Rex.

Pauly notices the group and asks where they’re headed. Untrusting of the man the group let it be known they were going to go looking around town for a bit by bus. Wild Orchid explains she’d like to do some shopping while they are out as well. The Professor notices that Paul’s car is a little pricey for someone running a Comfort Inn even if business is good.

A Keegler’s the group easily picks out Rex when he steps out of the back since he stooped so low. Damien opens his mouth when Rex asks what they want and the group quickly realize he does not possess competent talking skills to get across anything besides the party was new to the area and he wanted a car. The group explain over beers that are offered. While the group tries to figure out if they should trust Rex Damien is already at the bar trying his first beer. Which he spits out and declares it’s gone ‘bad’. The professor confused on the statement is the first to realize most 8 year old boy’s don’t know how to appreciate a good beer. Rex opts to give Damien Apple Cider which he asks for in a beer mug. With small talk of explaining about the two lost changelings the party actually gets Rex to let them burrow his H3 fully loaded Humvee. Damien also adds in they’ll bring in back and not keep it.

Outside after a drink Damien calls shotgun until the Professor asks if who knew how to drive. Damien is the first to exclaim he knew how. The group looks at him and asks why an eight year old boy would know how to drive, he implies he might have found himself in a car or fifteen when he was younger… sometimes he liked to do bad things. Lee opts to explain Damien didn’t have a license and that it wouldn’t be nice to give Rex back his vehicle damaged (it’s assumed Damien was a bad driver). While Lee spends about two minutes moving the chair forward so her legs could reach the pedals and The Professor sits in the front passenger seat Damien lets the group know ‘this sucked and everyone smelt like butt cheese’.

On the trip down the PC’s meet Damien’s Fetch. When Bad meets Good

Afterwards the group spends the rest of the day looking for something that might be the area they want to find. Just after dark they find a chained off area of the road plus a wooden sign with the name “Gnarl” written in chalk and crossed out about a dozen times.
Damnien grunts loudly and after some doing gets enough slack for the group to drive over the chain. Damien thinks Gnarl is the name of the dog that took the group’s friends.

The group pulls up in front of a small cabin and see a beat up vehicle and a panel van. Wild Orchid comments that the van looks familiar when a shotgun is audibly cocked before someone yells for everyone to get off the property. That’s when things went down at Gnarl’s Log Cabin


Session 1: Hotel Bearings

The PCs huddle together in Old Man Hunch’s house recovering from their escape. He tells them about who they are, how they have escaped Arcadia, and that they are now in Morgantown 2013. He explains some of the basics of being a changeling – mask & mien, contracts, fetches, and the Freehold of the Mountain Spirit. The characters take it all in, asking questions.

Session 0: Gamechanger
Prologue session

Games played on a larger scale,
A peculiar group and an odd tale,
A story of the motley crew that came together,
A beginning for the storms they’d weather.


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