Wild and Wicked

Session 2: Backroads and Log Cabins

Back from the Winter King’s Court with The Professor making a note to look into getting a permit for Fetch Hunting the group opts to figure out what the map drawn might be since it might be the location of the two missing Changelings. Some of the group decide to take a bus to check it out. Damien suggests they ask Rex if they could borrow a car. When the group looks at him oddly he reminds them it’s the guy Hunch mentioned to talk to if they were looking for work. The group decide to take the bus down to Keegler’s to see Rex.

Pauly notices the group and asks where they’re headed. Untrusting of the man the group let it be known they were going to go looking around town for a bit by bus. Wild Orchid explains she’d like to do some shopping while they are out as well. The Professor notices that Paul’s car is a little pricey for someone running a Comfort Inn even if business is good.

A Keegler’s the group easily picks out Rex when he steps out of the back since he stooped so low. Damien opens his mouth when Rex asks what they want and the group quickly realize he does not possess competent talking skills to get across anything besides the party was new to the area and he wanted a car. The group explain over beers that are offered. While the group tries to figure out if they should trust Rex Damien is already at the bar trying his first beer. Which he spits out and declares it’s gone ‘bad’. The professor confused on the statement is the first to realize most 8 year old boy’s don’t know how to appreciate a good beer. Rex opts to give Damien Apple Cider which he asks for in a beer mug. With small talk of explaining about the two lost changelings the party actually gets Rex to let them burrow his H3 fully loaded Humvee. Damien also adds in they’ll bring in back and not keep it.

Outside after a drink Damien calls shotgun until the Professor asks if who knew how to drive. Damien is the first to exclaim he knew how. The group looks at him and asks why an eight year old boy would know how to drive, he implies he might have found himself in a car or fifteen when he was younger… sometimes he liked to do bad things. Lee opts to explain Damien didn’t have a license and that it wouldn’t be nice to give Rex back his vehicle damaged (it’s assumed Damien was a bad driver). While Lee spends about two minutes moving the chair forward so her legs could reach the pedals and The Professor sits in the front passenger seat Damien lets the group know ‘this sucked and everyone smelt like butt cheese’.

On the trip down the PC’s meet Damien’s Fetch. When Bad meets Good

Afterwards the group spends the rest of the day looking for something that might be the area they want to find. Just after dark they find a chained off area of the road plus a wooden sign with the name “Gnarl” written in chalk and crossed out about a dozen times.
Damnien grunts loudly and after some doing gets enough slack for the group to drive over the chain. Damien thinks Gnarl is the name of the dog that took the group’s friends.

The group pulls up in front of a small cabin and see a beat up vehicle and a panel van. Wild Orchid comments that the van looks familiar when a shotgun is audibly cocked before someone yells for everyone to get off the property. That’s when things went down at Gnarl’s Log Cabin



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