Wild and Wicked

Session 4: Out of the Closet and Into the Box

Main Story
At the weekly meeting of the Motley Crew of PCs the party finds themselves looking into a storage area and the newly discovered door to the Hedge the group finds out is there. After desperate pleases to be let through are requested Damien opens the door to see someone sprint past him and out into the movie theater. Lee chases after her, the Professor tried to nab her, Tom tried to close the door but was not fast enough. With Lee and the sprinter gone and the door closed the rest of the party meets, The Assistant. A fae minion Tom realizes works for his old master’s associate. With the token of an odd set of glasses, Milky Eye Spectacles, she offers more untold riches for the return of the ‘subject’ By the end of the session the Professor and Tom are looking to receive the steps to cast a ritual to seal off the entrance to the Hedge, three days before The Assistant will return to find out if the Professor will give up the ‘Subject’, aka Kreava.

Lee’s Story
Gets the box fixed after a small trip to Uniontown, a bit of larceny, and several hours of work from Tom

Professor’s Story
Get’s propositioned to show Surreal movies from in the Hedge by another Changling
Assist’s in the Coachman’s Glove caper
Finds out he has a portal to the hedge inside the theater he now owns
Debates selling a changeling before they join the freehold to her jailor for untold riches
Someone from his court comes to discuss the possible abduction point that has opened up now that fae could use to steal children from inside the Professor’s business

Tom’s Story
After several long hours he figures out the design for the skinner box and makes plans to rebuild it
Assist’s in the Coachman’s Glove caper

Little Orchid’s Story
Finds out the squirrel that use to visit her had tried to follow her into the hedge now is partially changed by it
Is lead to the grave of her daughter and finds out her death might have been faked
Finds herself faced with the ordeal of a challenge to duel coming soon.

Damien’s Story
Finds himself deputized with the possible promise of being able to keep any talking cars he finds when helping the Sheriff of the Spring Court
Mentions to the Winter and Spring Court Sheriffs about the book they found of trans america logs of possibly trafficking Changelings for people in the hedge through the mortal world
Meets Kreava and tries to get her settled into the Freehold as a Changeling new to the area
Assists as the Getaway driver for the Coachman’s Glove caper
Scouts out what’s on the other side of the Skinner Box
Ends up getting sun burned from the area of his hand that went through the box.

4 XP awarded.


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