Wild and Wicked

Session 5: Trip to the Hedge

The Professor gets a morning hello from a Talking Cat messangers and the group assembles for another romp through the hedge to deliver the repaired token Tom Kamen fixed. The Professor, Lee, and the Cat pass out in an odd Blue bell flower field from it’s affects while Wild Orchid tells stories. The group eventually gets to leave and wake up the sleeping members, only for The Professor to get into deeper waters when he attacks the attention of a Briarwolf trying to eat him. A hobgoblin tries to calm him down as Damien gets into a slugfest with the beast. Eventually the briarwolf and owner take off when the beast is finally calmed by Wild Orchid only for the owner to jerk his chain and Damian lungs after the owner causing the fight to start up again.

With the item delivered wares are displayed or discussed for a possible trade a book for The Professor for a lap dance from Lee for an unknown fey. A finger that will lead Wild Orchid to her daughter, a satchel of holding with a steamer trunk from the inquiries from Damien, and Tom gets two tokens to repair which if both are repaired he gets to keep one.

4xp Awarded


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